Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Matthews Goes Completely H.A.M. On RNC Chair.

Eff' decorum, sometimes you gotta call em' like you see em'. And Reince Priebus damn sure had this one coming.

While it's true that very little of this has anything to do with policy[1], it's good to see someone from the right completely called out for their bullsh*t. What's a little strange is watching the others on the yet act so... awkward as the whole thing unfolds. Mika in particular, looks like she'd much rather be somewhere else.

Way to support your colleague, folks.

Question: Does Priebus have a leg to stand on? Do you miss Michael Steele yet?!?

[1] Unless you think much of the obstruction Obama's encountering from Congress is motivated by race, which is a theory that certainly is not without merit.

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