Monday, August 13, 2012

Chad Johnson And The Reality TV Curse.

Well, well, well...
Longtime NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson has been released by the Miami Dolphins after his arrest over the weekend. Johnson is accused of head-butting his newlywed wife, authorities said.

The Dolphins announced Sunday on their website that they had terminated the contract of Johnson, who played a preseason game on Friday but had not participated in a regular season game with the team. No reason was given for his release.

Johnson and Evelyn Lozada, a cast member on the VH1 reality TV show "Basketball Wives," married on July 4 and their time together is set to be subject of an upcoming show on the same network.

According to the arrest report from the Davie Police Department released Sunday, the football player's wife returned to the couple's home in that southern Florida city from grocery shopping shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday and noticed a receipt with a charge for a box of condoms.

The couple then began talking about the sales receipt and their marriage, according to the arrest report.

"As they were talking, Johnson became upset and without (his wife's) permission, grabbed her and butted her on the forehead, causing a laceration," the police report said, giving the alleged victim's account.

A Davie police officer soon responded to the area and found Johnson's wife with an approximately 3-inch cut on the center of her forehead.

Officer Christopher Epps then went to the couple's home, where he found the football player, the arrest report said. Johnson confirmed there had been an argument over the sales receipt, saying his wife had been yelling and that "she then head butted Johnson" to cause the cut to her forehead.

Johnson did not have "visible marks or bruises," the arrest report said.
I'm not trying to make light of domestic violence here, but admit it: when you heard he headbutted her, I'm sure your initial thought was "Man, that's one big assed forehead! How many times did he have to headbutt her?"

Nobody deserves to be beaten, and much like other celebrity wife(or GF)-beaters, I hope Johnson gets the public scorn his actions merit. Losing his day job is prolly a good start, although as long as Johnson can run an out pattern, someone will be more than willing to pick him up.[1] Believe that.

BTW, I don't watch Hard Knocks, but how's this for foreshadowing?!?

That said, I hope their already reviled reality show doesn't try and seize this very real life situation and use it as a plot device. Seriously, that would be tacky. I'm no fan of either of the principals in this story, and I generally find them to be very nauseating, arrogant people whom I strongly dislike, but who oddly seem to deserve each other. And oddly, one of the few things I recall from having (briefly) watched them on Basketball Wives is "They're getting married and they really don't seem to even like each other. At all."

Lets just hope they don't both use this situation as a come up.

Best of luck, Ocho. Don't be so mad. UPS is hirin'.

Question: Should Johnson get another shot at the NFL after this? Do these two very bad people actually deserve each other?

[1] As of right now though, he is, to borrow the phrase, a non-m************ factor.

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