Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Completely Superficial Reasons Why President Obama Probably Deserves Another Term.

Cause let's face it, there's no way Anne and Mitt Romney pull this sh*t off. These are some cool assed folks.[1] I mean, seriously, this is just some awesome stuff for the leader of the free world and his main squeeze.
President Barack Obama arrived courtside Monday night to loud cheers and Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" as he took his seat to watch an exhibition basketball game between the Brazilian and U.S. men's national teams.

Obama was accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden and former White House aide Reggie Love at the Verizon Center in the nation's capital, according to White House pool reports. Some audience members later spotted another member of the presidential party.

"At USA-Brazil basketball, @Barack Obama & @MichelleObama were just on big screen kisscam but no kiss," CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer tweeted.

A pool report confirmed that the presidential spectator "smiled," but "didn't kiss" Michelle Obama when the couple were caught on the arena's giant Kiss Cam screens. The crowd booed in response. The president was given a second shot on the Kiss Cam in the fourth quarter. This time, he and the first lady did smooch.

According to the pool report, the crowd cheered and shouted, "Four more years!"
Here's the video.

Yeah, I know already. Likeability has nothing whatsoever to do with ability to properly lead a country.[2]

Should Obama not get re-elected in November (a very real possibility), we'll only have these memories to hang onto. Watching Anne and Mitt watch a polo match in Nantucket somehow seems far less interesting.

Savor the momements, folks.

Question: Could any other POTUS/FLOTUS pull this off without looking completely corny/contrived?!?

[1] What's up with them shoes tho, Barack? I didn't know people still wore Brooks.

[2] Neither does the ability to run a venture capital firm, but who's counting?

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