Monday, July 2, 2012 Open Mic Monday.

I'm busy today, so entertain yourselves. Drop links, write your own posts. You know the drill by now.

Here's a few topics to chew on...

East Coast Power Outages - Thank you Jesus, we only lost power for about 12 hours. But if you're among those still powerless days later, in the midst of this awful heatwave, I wish you the best. Eff' Pepco!!!

GOP Challenging ObamaCare With Yet ANOTHER Vote In Congress - And, this would make #31. Seriously, guys, accept reality. You're looking very pathetic. Seriously, isn't this guy tired of abusing the same talking points?

BET Awards - Don't act like you didn't watch. You know you did. And while the show was great, seriously, I haven't seen that many technical glitches since I bought my HP TouchPad. The production quality was so awful. Apparently BET spent all the money on sets, and let their interns handle the production itself. Or that's my explanation.

NBA Free Agency - I forsee a lot of big names changing places this week.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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