Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama Finally Channels His Inner N*gga. Puts Conservative Carnival Barker In Check.

In a move only about, ohhhh, 4 years overdue, President Obama finally put some Conservative douchebag in check. It's about damn time, Barry.

Owned! Pwned! Whatever'ed!

Beyond the classlessness of this moron from the Daily Caller who bothered interrupting Obama, I gotta agree with the action taken here. Sure, it woulda been more courageous to just push Congress to pass The Dream Act 3 years ago when you had all the votes to do so, but better late than never I guess.

If there's anything unsettling about this, it's that it seems to be yet another example of people who should know better (elected officials, "journalists", talk show hosts) and should act better showing the President (and his wife) zero respect. Wonder why?

Nah, can't be "The R Word". We're post-racial.

Question: Did Obama check this fool? What's up with this President being disrespected so frequently?!?

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