Friday, June 15, 2012

NBA Finals Open Mic.

That image above is so awesome on so many levels. And so is this year's NBA Finals, which are tied at 1-1 heading back to South Beach for three straight games. Personally, while I understand the 2-3-2 Finals format, I really don't like it. A team that splits the first 2 road games essentially regains homecourt advantage.

I'm not into sports betting, but based on what I've seen the first couple of games, I'd say Miami's in good shape. They've essentially controlled the tempo in both games and gotten out to big leads. Chris Bosh seems like he's finding his niche offensively. Lebron finally came up big last night. D-Wade is officially off the milk carton. Shane Battier's playing like he's back at Cameron Indoor. Joel Anthony finally got a haircut. The Heat's on a roll.

Of course, OKC has the offensive firepower to stay in any game, and Miami's home crowd is notoriously wishy washy, so it's not like they've got this incredible environment to spur them on. Still, it's hard to see Miami not winning 2-3 at home, and closing this baby out in 6.

What say ye?

Question: What do you think so far? Any impressions?

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