Tuesday, June 12, 2012

King James Vs Durantula: Who Are You Rooting For?!?

An NBA season that began under the cloud of a lockout is poised to end with a flourish tonight as the Oklahoma City Thunder(s) host the Miami Heat(s) in Game One of the NBA Finals.

Of course, that's how professional sports guys are spinning it. But reality is, this is the ultimate manifestation of good vs evil. In short, it's Kevin Durant vs Lebron James, and who you cheer for says an awful lot about who you are.

Durant, according to people paid to write this sorta thing, represents all that's good about sports. He's humble. He's clutch. He's a great teammate. He plays in a red state. He went to college (albeit for a single year). He's the child of married parents (although they're no longer together). He stuck it out in a boring assed town because he really loves OKC and wants to bring those fine, humble Oklahomans a title. He saves kittens from trees.

Lebron, on the other hand, represents everything wrong with sports, the NBA, black males, entitled 80's babies, and society as a whole. He's self centered. He disappears in the clutch. He had the nerve to leave Cleveland for Miami (the nerve!). He has all the substance of a Gucci Mane mixtape. Who can forget "The Decision"? He bailed on his hometown and took a shortcut to a title. He has a "posse". His mother makes Ann Iverson look like Michelle Obama. He eats kittens. Not because he likes the taste of kittens. Just because he can.

All of this greatly oversimplifies both men, of course, but it's the nature of the sports media-driven beast. Narratives are necessary, even when the quality of the product on the floor is so awesome that narratives are actually unnecessary.

Personally, I'm (apprehensively and noncommittally) rooting for the Heat. The only real reason is because I'm so sick of hearing about how much of a loser Lebron is. I just want him to win so sports talk radio hosts can find another guy to pick on. That's basically the extent of it.

So yeah, go Heat(s), I suppose. It's whatever.

Question: Who are you cheering for? Is this "Good vs Evil" narrative annoying?

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