Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Artur Davis And The Conflicting Logic Of Black Conservatism.

For those unaware, Artur Davis was a Democratic Congressman who unsuccessfully ran for Alabama Governor in 2010, on the heels of then-Senator Obama's ascent to the White House. Since getting his arse whipped, he's not only switched parties, but he's now contemplating a run for Congress in (brace yourselves) Northern Virginia.

If you're unable to grasp that startling timeline, brace yourself for more nonsense. Davis, who backed (and might I note again, ran for Governor using Obama as an aspirational back story) Obama in 2008 is now solidly behind Mitt Romney, and thinks the GOP is right on the cusp of reclaiming a lion's share of the Negro Voting Bloc™.

Yeah, makes plenty of sense to me too, Artur.

Seriously, there's so much wrong with this video, I don't know where to start.

1) Davis says he thought Obama would "completely change race relations in this country". This, coming from a grown assed man who grew up in the Deep South. What sorta childlike naive BS is that? And BTW, is Davis suggesting that Obama is somehow responsible for the race problems in this country, yet he sides with a GOP party that perennially uses race-baiting as a campaign strategy?!? N-Word Please.

2) Davis thinks Obama has gone too far left, when he expected a centrist? F'real? Enjoy that Single-Payer Healthcare, ya'll. Wait, we don't have Single-Payer Healthcare?!?

3) Davis thinks Obama ran Bill Clinton against Hilary Clinton? Did he miss what Bill said in South Carolina? Did he miss the months and months and months of GOP-style race-baiting that the Clintons ran against Obama?

4) Davis respects the President, but differs with him on issues of policy? Yet he can't name one reason why he thinks Romney is better for the country on issues of policy?

5) Davis went to Harvard so his math is admittedly shifty, yet he uses Obama's overall vote share in 08', and compares it to his current approval rating to arrive at the "10 million of us have switched sides" figure? Really? My brother also went to Harvard, but I don't think he took that math class.

6) Bruh, what's up with that haircut? Did you go into SuperCuts and ask for the "HBCU Chancellor's Special" or what?!? Where they do that at?

7) Davis thinks the GOP can get black and brown votes if the party "earns those votes". Apparently he doesn't realize the GOP goes out of its way to disown those votes, playing a short game that acknowledges white voters are still the biggest bloc. So yeah, that can start that "earning" process anyday now.

8) Wolf Blitzer... man... you know what... if you gave my 12 year old nephew his own cable TV news show, I'm betting the net result would be roughly the same as The Situation Room. Maybe a few more video games and fart jokes, but basically the same effect.

Seriously, Artur Davis. Go. Sit. Down.

Question: What's up with this guy? Does he make any logical sense whatsoever?!?

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