Friday, May 4, 2012

Strange, Leathery Looking Woman Puts 5-Year-Old In Tanning Bed.

Okay, I know everyone's gonna rush to make fun of this woman's appearance, as they should.[1] She looks like a Chic-O-Stick™ in human form. I mean, seriously, she looks hideous.

Lots of people have picked this story apart, making it some weird referendum on the merits of tanning. This story, clearly, is not about tanning at all. This woman has a serious psychological condition. Where is CPS?

On a strange, somewhat related note: So much for that ObamaCare Tan Tax hurting business. This lady must have a lifetime membership.

Question: What's up with this lady?!?

[1] Eff it, make fun of her. Gimmie your best one-liner in the comments section.

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