Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are Voter ID Laws Really Racist?!?

Yeah, I know, I gave a contrary opinion on this awhile back and got bombed out. I don't care, and I still stand by my comment. Anyone who wants to vote should have a valid for of ID. How can you make it through life and navigate a complex society without one? If you can't cough up $10 to merely get a government issued ID, I don't really think I want you voting.

If that makes me sound like a douche, so be it. I just don't see why this is such a big deal, nor do I see it as racist. I think it's sorta racist, actually, to assume that poor or elderly voters are so shiftless that they can't get a damn ID. I hate how this obviously political issue has been so terribly politicized by both sides. Republicans are obviously raising this issue in response to Obama's astronomical black vote advantage, Dems are playing their typical condescending paternalistic role.

But I don't think requiring someone to prove who they are in order to exercise their right to vote is discriminatory. Hell, I have to produce a valid ID to sign my child up for swim lessons. Is that also discriminatory? Enough already!

How about we just have the gov't issue exceptions for free ID's for the elderly and/or poor? That'd solve this whole problem, but of course, who'd gain politically from such common sense legislation?!?

Question: Go ahead, tell me how backwards and wrong I am. Then explain to me how a person can live so far on the fringes of society that they can operate without a valid form of ID (not to be confused with a driver's license).

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