Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Romney SuperPac "Obama's Too Cool" Ad.

Funny how political narratives are a dual-edged sword. In 2008, candidate Obama's "newness" made him a phenomenon in the world of Presidential politricks, which he successfully leveraged to reel in young voters and energize the Democratic base. Of course, there were many who thought Obama's "cool" and "celebrity" masked his comparative lack of experience. Ads pointing this out were summarily dismissed as plain ole' garden-variety haterism. After all, his opponent (John McCain) was pretty much the antithesis of Obama in the area of social charm and physical presence. So, whatever.

Anyways, after some of the President's recent pop culture-friendly media appearances, the "style vs substance" debate is once again in full swing. Taking a play from the same losing playbook, Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPac is now running a near exact replica of that 08' campaign ad, the aptly titled "Cool".

Okay, here's the funny thing about this latest line of GOP attacks. President Obama really, really isn't all that "cool". Come on, seriously. I've been saying this since the beginning. He simply looks "cool" because a black guy with his worldliness and sensibility has never risen to this level of politics. He looks "cool" by comparison to the ultra-square Romney, brittle and angry John McCain, and Mr. Tan Man John Boehner. He's Stephon Urkelle to their Steve Urkels, but that doesn't make him "cool". Again, what's the basis of comparison?

Obama is not Mike Tomlin cool. He isn't 65-year old Kappa who dresses 30 cool. He damn sure isn't Montrell Holmes cool. Again, this is by contrast.

Oh, and BTW, his relative "cool" has nothing whatsoever to do with his policies, which is why ads like this don't ever work. More than anything else, it draws even more attention to Mitt Romney's social awkwardness, without really talking about his solutions to the very issues he claims Obama has screwed up.[1]

Yeah, that was awk-ward.

I'll take "relative coolness" anyday.

Question: Are these "Cool" ads an effective method for attacking the President on matters of policy? Is Romney's awkwardness sorta endearing? Is Obama really that "cool" or does he just look cool compared to the herbs that oppose him?

[1] Seriously, can anyone tell me, in 3 sentences, what Mitt Romney's economic plan is?!? No Googling, just tell me.

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