Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Justice (Deferred) For Trayvon?!?

Seems like we'll have to wait a little longer to hear about the fate of George Zimmerman after all.
A Florida special prosecutor will not bring the Trayvon Martin shooting before a grand jury, her office announced today.

The grand jury is scheduled to be convened April 10, but will not hear evidence about the shooting of the unarmed black teenager by George Zimmerman, a white Hispanic neighborhood watch captain.

In making the announcement, special prosecutor Angela Corey said her office was continuing to investigate the Feb. 26 shooting.

“The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case,” her office said in a statement. Not using a grand jury leaves the decision whether to indict Zimmerman up to Corey. That decision could come as early as this week.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for the Martin family, said he was not surprised by the announcement, but was still hoping that Zimmerman would soon be arrested.

“The family has been patient throughout this process and asks that those who support them do the same during this very important investigation,” Crump said.

Ever since Corey was appointed special prosecutor on March 22 by Gov. Rick Scott, she has said that she may not utilize a grand jury.
I may play an amateur litigator on the internet, but reality is the extent of my legal knowledge begins and ends with reruns of Judge Joe Brown. Just keepin' it two hunned.

My uneducated read on this is that either:
A) State Attorney Angela Corey thinks she has enough evidence to charge Zimmerman and doesn't want to put this in the hands of a possibly biased grand jury.


B) State Attorney Angela Corey doesn't have enough evidence to charge Zimmerman, and rather than send this to a possibly biased grand jury and inciting a riot, she'd rather allow the heat to die down a bit (skipping today's arbitrary date) and quietly announce her decision later.
Again, no real idea here. Someone somewhere mentioned that without a grand jury, it's not possible to find Zimmerman guilty of the most severe charge possible, which is first degree murder. I'm not sure that's even the correct charge here, but again, I'm no legal scholar. I'm sure those of you who spent tens of thousands of dollars on your juris doctorate will gladly chime in to clarify. Put that degree to work.

Despite what esteemed social commentator Young Jeezy says, I really, really, really hope the streets don't erupt if this one goes the way I'm fearing it might, and Zimmerman gets off scot free. Destroying your own neighborhoods in the name of justice is misguided and misdirected. It may feel good to steal a flat screen TV burn down a Best Buy, but the net result would only be more black men in jail. Or even worse, dead. Maybe we should just burn off the steam with Home Exercise Programs instead.

If you're really unhappy when the final verdict is read, lash out at the right person, the right way. State Attorney Angela Corey is, after all, an elected official.

Ballots, not bullets, folks. Ballots, not bullets.

Question: Play amateur legal eagle, and tell me what this decision by State Attorney Angela Corey actually means? Do you also fear black folks will act a damn fool if Zimmerman skates?!?

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