Friday, April 20, 2012

George Zimmerman's Gruesome Head Injury, And How It Affects The Trayvon Case.

[Update: Zimmerman was just granted $150k bond. He'll be a free man very soon. Good for him.]

Well, turns out George Zimmerman seems to have had some sort of head injury after all. In fact, it looks like he caught more than a fair one.
On Friday, ABC’s Good Morning America offered an exclusive look at injuries allegedly sustained by George Zimmerman the night of his struggle with Florida teen Trayvon Martin — a struggle that ultimately ended in Martin’s death. Zimmerman, those close to him, and his legal team have maintained that the 17-year-old had knocked him to the ground and proceeded to bash the back of his head against pavement that February night in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood.

Previously released video of Zimmerman being escorted by the police for questioning had initially appeared not to show any injuries or blood on Zimmerman’s person. But, now, these newly-released images, taken shortly after Zimmerman shot Martin, show highly-visible streams of blood at the back of Zimmerman’s shaved scalp.

The person who took the photograph at the scene says a dazed Zimmerman asked him to call his wife and tell her he’d just shot someone. The photographer also claims to have seen gun powder on Martin’s hoodie, an indication that the shooting allegedly occurred at close range.
Here's the news story.

I'm sure those on the pro-Zimmerman side are going to jump for joy here, conveniently forgetting that he's not the victim, the dead 17 year old (and his parents) that he pumped a bullet into is.

I'm somewhat curious about why this information, which would probably be very important to a prosecutor, just keeps getting leaked to the press. It seems as if after the first couple of weeks of pro-Trayvon press, #TeamFreeGZ has been on the offensive, raiding the kid's school records, hacking his social media accounts, and putting out what would appear to be classified information, all in a concerted effort to somehow prove that "Trayvon was no angel, the kid had it coming". You can't help but think about how this all colors (pun intended) public perception, and makes the job of those who want to try Zimmerman so much more difficult.

It also makes what went down that rainy night in Sanford, FL so much more disgusting.

In the end, I really don't see how this changes the primary issue here: Zimmerman assumed an unarmed kid was a criminal, he pursued the unarmed kid with a gun, the kid fought back, and Zimmerman shot the kid. Period.

I doubt the state will get a Murder Two conviction, but damn if Zimmerman skates. I've predicted manslaughter all along, and that prediction doesn't change because of these photos.

Question: What are your thoughts on this latest development?!?

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