Thursday, April 26, 2012 Hot Topics - 4.26.12

Here's the daily rundown.
Newt Gingrich Announces He'll Finally Drop Out... Next Week - Wow, that guy has a lot of stones. He was technically out of the race around, oh, the Florida primary. Why he stayed in so much longer is a mystery to me.

Black Guy Scores Series Clinching Win In NHL Playoff Series - I'm not a hockey fan, at all, but I do like winners, so I've been sorta paying attention to the Caps/Bruins series, which reached a game seven last night. And in the end, wouldn't you know it, an AverageBro named Joel Ward scored the winning goal for DC. I'm not sure if that's any cultural milestone, but it sure made me a fan. Of course, this being America and whatnot, a million and one racist N-Word Tweets suddenly materialized to commemorate the occasion. Stay classy, Boston.

NFL Draft Is Today - I'm not even a big Redskins fan, but the media attention given to RGIII makes me wonder why exactly, the Colts aren't picking him first. Anyone hip to the NFL scouting game care to fill me in?

If I Wanted America To Fail... - Awesome pro-free market propoganda video goes viral.

Personally, if I wanted America to fail, I'd hand control back over to the same morons who ran it off the cliff in the first place.
Question: What do you think about these issues?

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