Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Black Panther Party Puts A Hit Out On George Zimmerman (And Other Trayvon Miscellany).

File this one under #NOTHelping!

I feel the need to run this, simply to say on record that I (obviously) disagree with this sort of ignorant sh*t. So there. Thanks for handing the right wing a ready-made talking point to undermine the lack of justice in this case, fellas. Nice job.

BTW, they are lying. No "athletes or entertainers" have co-signed on this bullshit. Nor would any black person with half a brain.

I think it's downright comical that the "lamestream media" is covering these stupid coons.[1] Black people don't take them seriously, nor should anyone else. I can't help but wonder if this story is gaining traction, just cause the President happens to be black. Nah, no way. Couldn't happen.

Speaking of coons...

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Brothaman, how much did the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund pay you to go on TV and be his Official Black Co-Signer™. I hope you don't wear a hoodie when you go cash that check. Actually, turns out this very polished black fella (he's a former news anchor) isn't actually Zimmerman's "friend", he's technically a family member, married to Zimmerman's mother-in-law.[2] So nah, no bias here.

BTW, congrats Conservatives, garden variety racists, and assorted pro-gun wackos! Going on Facebook and pulling down pictures of a dead 17 year old to supposedly prove some point about him "being a gold toothed thug" who "had it coming". Classy.

But wait, there's more!

Negroes, please.

Question: Is this yet another black eye in the annals of American race relations? Does this country have any hope or chance of ever overcoming its deeply ingrained racial issues.

[1] If you take offense to my use of this word against fellow black people, I'm sorry. But I seriously can't think of a better phrase to describe them and their actions. They are not working on behalf of the Martin family. Trayvon's father denounced their tactics. They are simply serving as a distraction from the legitimate actions being taken to bring Zimmerman to justice, and they're changing the narrative in a way that makes the deceased appear to be the aggressor, not the victim. In short, they aren't helping. They are simply out for their own self-promotion. And yes, they are coons. Go watch the full Anderson Cooper interview and tell me otherwise.

[2] Actually, he isn't related to Zimmerman, he's just a family friend. The Huffington Post and Mediaite erroneously reported this initially. It should be noted that Joe Oliver hasn't actually spoken to Zimmerman himself, he was simply relaying information on behalf of the family. He's also a former newscaster, who is comfortable in front the camera, and demands respect (and thus, no cross examination) from fellow newscasters. This is all about PR. So basically, he's a professional black co-signer.

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