Friday, March 9, 2012

Definitive Proof That Fox News Does Little More Than Race-Bait.

Seriously, I watched this discussion in real time, and my head is still smoking. This is literally the dumb leading the blind leading the dumb.

First, watch this video.

Obviously racist, right?

Okay, now here's how Fox News discusses the very same incident.

I'll be honest, I sorta feel bad for Juan Williams. He's the sole Negro on the network, and thus, the de facto explainer of all things racist. He really isn't built for that, and obviously can't tell these numbnuts how he really feels. When dude left NPR and doubled down on Fox News, he probably lost any ability to actually speak his mind anymore. Cause if that was me on this panel, I prolly woulda smacked these other four morons.

And lost my job.

But the slaps prolly woulda been worth it.

This is little more than racism. You can try and call it misunderstood patriotism all you want, but please show me an incident where these same kids lead a "USA!" chant when they beat a fellow mostly-white school first. I'll be waiting.

Sadly, ingrates like these folks on Fox News (shame on you, Eric Bolling, assuming you know what "shame" is) don't even realize that by failing to call out obvious examples of racism, they're actually perpetuating the very thing they say doesn't exist. I hope that made sense.


Question: Is this sh*t racist, or were these young men merely being "patriotic" by chanting "USA!" to kids who are also American and prolly only live about 10 miles down the street?

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