Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why We Still Need Black History Month.

Honestly, I'm not all that offended by these Mormon students not knowing much about Black History Month. I've been the Provo. Nice folks, but not many AverageBros. I think I might have seen 4 blacks the entire week, and one of them was a Karl Malone poster in the airport. So it's not shocking that kids in the state of Utah know very little about black history, or black folks in general.

What's actually quite offensive is this "host" who talks like that mulatto guy off MadTV, and who seems to think that the folks he's interviewing actually believe he's black. I guess anyone can dab on a little MAC, straighten the brim on their New Era, and pass for Negroid, huh?[1]

F*ck outta here.

[1] I have no words for the two misguided Negroes in this video, however.

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