Thursday, February 2, 2012 Hot Topics - 2.2.12

Here's the daily rundown.

Mitt Doesn't Care About Poor People - If ever there was a campaign ad that wrote itself, it would be Mittens' assertion that he is "not concerned about the very poor". Nice job, genius.

To be honest, if you take his words in context, it's clear he isn't saying he "doesn't give a sh*t about poor folks", just that they aren't nearly as big a concern as the middle class. This is not really a new sentiment, most Conservatives espouse the same opinion, just not as bluntly. Still, given his tendency to make such off putting statements about wealth ("I'll bet you $10,000!") it's easy to piece a bunch of these clips together and paint him as out of touch.

And that sound you just heard... it was the Obama campaign piecing a bunch of these clips together and paint Romney as out of touch.

I Told Ya'll Somebody Would Use Obama Singing Against Him - Frankly, I'm just shocked it too this long.

Speaking Of Singing... - Boy, is this Romney fella awkward or what?

Rest In Peace Don Cornelius - Yes, the way he died (or took his life, however you want to word it) was tragic, but lets focus instead on Don's contributions to American culture. The man was a legend. We wish him love, peace, and souuuuull.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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