Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AB.com Hot Topics - 2.21.12

Hey, it's 2.21.12. Pretty cool, huh? Here's the daily rundown.

Arizona GOP Congressional Candidate Threatens Secret Gay Illegal Alien Lover With Deportation - What a headline. I mean, seriously, this story is filled with all kinds of turrible. I'm convinced Sheriff Paul Babeu would be a household topic today if we weren't coming off a 3-day weekend. Personally, I blame Jeremy Lin. An interesting question though: Babeu stepped down from his leadership position on the Romney campaign after announcing he was gay (but denying the deportation part), but is still running for Congress. What does that say about the GOP's stance on gays?

Santorum Calls Out Obama On "Phony Theology" - While you were sleeping, Rick Santorum drew the long straw and is presently the GOP's "Guy We'd Rather Have Than Romney" this week. Emboldened by this "surge", Santorum is now talking extra greasy about the President, asserting that he practices some "phony theology". Pressed to clarify, Santorum apologized and said he was talking about Obama's environmental policy, although his original statement referenced the bible. So yeah, Santorum's doubling down on that whole "Obama's a scary 'other'" card that worked for wonderfully for McCain/Palin back in 08'. We see what you're doing, Rick.

Santorum Wants To Control Your Womb, Ladies! - Forget stopping you from having abortions, or getting access to affordable birth control. Now, Santorum actually wants to prevent healthcare providers from covering the costly procedure known as amniocentesis. For those unaware, amnio is a procedure many doctors recommend to expecting Moms over the age of 35 (or in some cases, 30) to help pre-screen for genetic abnormalities. Santorum (without any factual evidence) asserts amnios "results in abortion “more often than not.”[1] And now, he's leading the GOP polls, with a double digit advantage over Romney. Seriously, America, are you f*ckin' kidding me?!?

GOP Hitting Obama On Gas Prices - When you can't beat a man on his economic policy, and the whole culture war thing isn't exactly connecting, why not try some revisionist history? The new GOP talking point is to assail the President for skyrocketing gas prices, overlooking the million and one issues in the middle east contributing to the latest spike. You know, sh*t the President has nothing at all to do with. Lovely.

Linsanity Keeps Going Strong! - Quit hatin' on the Asian Sensation©, and appreciate greatness? good hoops when you see it. Yeah, the fact that this gives already obnoxious New Yorkers one more thing to be obnoxious about is obviously annoying. But hey, it is what it is. This is the NBA's version of a Cinderella story. Knicks' fan or not, it's good stuff.

MTV's Hottest MCs VII List - Look, these "lists" are simply made to generate controversy. They're subjective. They're a joke. I'm sure I'll have to talk about this on the podcast at some point, but any list with Drake ranked higher than Jay-Z clearly doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. So don't.

Chris Brown & Rihanna Re-unite - I'm sure I'm supposed to be outraged about this. I'm not. Brown made a mistake. He paid his price to society. That's sorta how it works. If Rihanna feels safe enough around him to share studio time, who the heck really cares. They're consenting adults. Whatever.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

[1] My wife has had this procedure done 3 times. We have (almost) 3 children. F*ck you, Rick Santorum! Are you telling me parents don't have the right to know what's potentially ahead of them? Because if so, I fail to understand how this is "compassionate" or "less government intrusion".

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