Monday, January 30, 2012

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Burger King Delivery.

Although I do a pretty good job of balancing good eating/working out, I still can't resist the occasional stop at a fast food joint. Specifically, I love myself some Burger Kaing sausage biscuits. I stop at BK at least 1-2 times each week after dropping off my son on the way to work and mutter my order of "One sausage biscuit and a cup of water" into the speaker. It's sorta comical that the (prolly not 100% legal) woman who is always working the window seems to be annoyed that I always order the same thing.

"One oh seex, please. Sec-ohnd Ween-doh."

Sorry, I didn't realize asking people to do their job was such an inconvenience. If I keep getting those eye rolls every morning, I'm calling La Migra your district manager, "Patty".

Anyways, if I could avoid this evil woman and still get my sausage biscuit fix, I definitely would. And thanks to the suits at BK, I just might get my chance. Take that, "Patty".
Forget the hassles of drive-thru service. Believe it or not, Burger King is giving customers an even more convenient way to get their fast-food fix—home delivery.

The Home of the Whopper has been testing delivery service at several of its restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area and plans to expand the trial to include more locations over the next week, according to a company statement. The fast-food chain has been providing this service internationally for years in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

The company didn’t release a timeline as to when (or if) the service will be available nationwide. The four stores currently offering the option deliver within a 10-minute radius. Customers pay a $2 delivery fee, and all orders must meet an $8 to $10 minimum, the statement said.

For those concerned about the quality of the food suffering during the delivery process, Burger King said it has developed new packaging technology, including thermal bags to keep food "hot and fresh." The service will be available to any home or office, so long as there is a physical address, and orders can be placed by phone or online.

Several McDonald's restaurants deliver to businesses-only throughout Manhattan, but the company has no plans to expand the service further at this time, a company spokesperson said. Wendy's restaurants do not offer delivery at the time, according to a spokesperson.
Predictably, the food police are assailing this idea as just another example of how fast food restaurants contribute to this country's obesity problem, and claim that Burger King Delivery will just make it even easier for fatties to indulge.


Let's face it, it's not like getting yourself in a car and driving to Burger King is gonna burn many more calories that walking to your door to meet the delivery guy. In fact, I'm willing to bet people are likely to consume less food via home delivery because they're far less likely to make an emotionally fueled decision on what to eat by avoiding all those colorful signs on the restaurant menu.

Likewise, it's not like BK is doing anything new here. Pizza and Chinese joints have been delivering for years. And need I remind you, pizza and Chinese food are hardly the dinner of champions. Burger King is simply seeing an opportunity and providing it. If you were gonna eat BK anyhow, this just makes it a bit easier to do so.

I'm gonna say that this is not only Classy, but it's something I'm prolly gonna try our sometime soon. What say ye'?!?

Question: Ashy or Classy?!? Is Burger King's Delivery service promoting obesity or simply providing a much needed service to hungry couch potatoes?!?

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