Friday, January 20, 2012 Hot Topics - 1.20.12

Here's the daily rundown.

Obama Sangs!!! - No need to lie, my wife made me hit the rewind button on the DVR about 50 times when we saw this on the news last night.

Let's be real. Yes, this was planned. Yes, this was pandering. Yes, this was a silly ploy to reel black folks back in. And yes, it worked. Sorry, but much like the infamous "brush your shoulders off" and "hoodwinked and bamboozled" moments on the stump in 08', Obama always knows when to inject a little bit of cool to hypnotize black voters. You have to give him credit, because it's not like Newt or Mittens can match this level of swaggg exuberance. Voters, fairly or unfairly, respond to this sorta stuff. Kudos to Barry Green for pulling it off without sounding or looking like a total cornball. Top that one, Santorum!!!

Of course, you just know this clip is gonna be used against Obama at some point. I can already hear them juxtaposing the image of a singing Obama with ominous music and economic stats. It'll be like "Obama. 'So In Love With' himself that he sings while the country goes to sh*t!" You know that's gonna happen, right? I'll bet a case of Cyber CapriSuns™ on that.

Newt Tells John King He Can Swing If He Wants To, Damnit! - I can't really imagine Newt Gingrich winning the GOP nomination, and if he did, displays of arrogance like this certainly aren't going to go over well in a general election. I do agree with him that leading off a debate with this question might not have been a good idea, but it was fair game.

John King basically got bodied here, as Newt played the tried and true "blame the media" Jedi Mind Trick, and flipped a legitimate character question about whether or not he asked his 2nd wife if he could openly cheat on her into a winning victim narrative. Dude is prolly gonna win South Carolina now, which tells you everything you need to know about the Republican Party. Eff' Family Values! "The Media" and beating Obama are all that matters.

R.I.P. MegaUpLoad - Although the Feds have momentarily pulled back on that whole SOPA thing, yesterday was a watershed moment of sorts, as file hosting site MegaUpLoad was seized and shut down for good. I'd expect the dominoes to fall rather swiftly as other sites like RapidShare, FileServ, and ZShare are probably all gonna become casualties of this push to end internet piracy. While I totally agree with that from a business standpoint, as a much fan I'm dismayed. I mean, seriously, if HulkShare Records closes, where am I gonna get my musical fix?

Haywire Is In Theaters Today - No need to lie, I wanna figure out a way to ditch work and go see this. Gina Carano looks like she's got the acting chops of a bag of Funyuns, but she does all her own stunts and this seems to be one kick a$$ action flick. Putting a non-actress in a lead role is usually the telltale sign of a straight-to-DVD flick, but this is a fullblown revenge/spy caper with A-List contributors like Steven Soderbergh, Michael Douglas, and Ewan McGregor. Reviews so far have been favorable.

Provided nobody ever casts Cris Cyborg as a villian, I could see Carano making the transition to action flick chick with ease. Anyone else geeked to check this out?

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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