Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Should A Woman With 15 (!!!) Kids Be Evicted?!?

Okay, you know the routine by now. Sometimes I rhyme slow and sometimes I rhyme quick give my spin on stories, and sometimes I just roll em' out there for you to dissect, sans my patented brand of snark and Negro Nonsense. Today, would be the latter.

Watch this video, and go in. It's a compilation of a few news stories, so you might have to watch the whole 10 mins to get the full context before commenting. Got it? Good.

I'm sure this convo could probably take a million and one different directions, so I simply ask that you all keep it respectful. I will police the comment threads if I have to. Consider yourselves forewarned. You don't wanna face the wrath of sheriff AB.

Okay, chime in below.

Question: What, if anything, did you take away from this video?!?

* Hat tip (as usual) to Bol.

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