Friday, December 2, 2011

The Most Hilarious 20 Minutes Of Cable News You'll Watch This Year.

Wow, give it to this guy, he's got some brass balls, that's for damn sure. I guess I should also give Neil Cavuto credit for not tossing a bunch of softballs at Cain, but he probably could have followed up on some questions a bit more. Then again, who am I kidding? Cain's going to be his co-worker in a few months, so why bother with the agitation.

I'll be honest though, White's story isn't adding all the way up. There's no way you spend a decade of your life getting smanged by someone on the regular, and have no proof other than a couple of cell phone bills. Where are the bank statements? The vacation photos? The inevitably disgusting VHS tape of them gettin' busy? I'm just sayin', she doesn't have anything but a Verizon bill, after 13 years with a man? Really?

Sorry, sista girl. We don't (quite) believe you. You need more people. Where are the receipts!

As for Cain, I'm not sure what he's still doing in the race. He says he's most concerned about his wife/family, yet he's still shilling for campaign donations by painting himself (yet again!) as the victim of a left-wing swear campaign. If his family is his biggest concern, why the heck isn't he at home with them right now, explaining his a$$ off?!?

Negro, please!

Does he really think President Obama is scared of facing him, and thus he needed to be "destroyed"? Really? I didn't realize Herman Cain was so delusional, but Herman Cain apparently is just that delusional because Herman Cain refers to himself in the 3rd person even more often than Herman Cain does.

Go sit down. Please.

Question: What's up with Cain's accusations of a left wing conspiracy? Does his logic for explaining away those 4am text messages make any sense at all? Why is he still running?!?

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