Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Literally Ashy Or Classy?!? - Palmer's Cocoa Butter For Men Commercial.

As a medium brown brother with combination skin, I love me some Palmer's Cocoa Butter[1]. I mean, love it, especially after shaving. At this time of year, slathering a bit on can help keep the ash away. It's like Kryptonite for ashy skin. Of course, the problem with cocoa butter is the smell. It's overpowering. It's hard not to notice. You smell oily. And yes, my wife hates it.

Married Dude Problems.

Anyways, when I heard sports talk radio commercials for a special brand of scent-free Palmer's Cocoa Butter just for men, I rushed right down to my neighborhood CVS, which, of course, doesn't carry the product. If you know where to get it, holla at me. I'd hate to order something so frivolous online, but I also can't drive around all day looking for it.

So, I'm Googling the product, and I come across this f*ckery...

Look, I'm not much of an NFL fan, so I can't tell you if the McCourty twins are gainfully employed with a real team, or one of those Arena League outfits. What I can tell you is that whoever their agent is, that bama needs to be fired.

Seriously, what's the point of this ad? Do they simply want to portray these twins are two shiftless footballing Negroes who can barely read? Because if not, they might need some help with voice inflection or something. And oh yeah, don't think I missed the subliminal message at the end. Did you?

Sorry, this might just be the Ashiest commercial I've ever seen. Literally.

All jokes aside though, if you know what store carries that product, holla at me.

Question: Literally Ashy Or Classy?!? Do these guys need a new agent? Are they even in the NFL?!? What's up with the Jungle Fever-ness at the end?

[1] Despite the preponderance of such things around here of late, no, this isn't a paid plug. I just really like the product, and my wife really hates the smell. So somebody help me find this, please!!!

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