Friday, December 2, 2011 Hot Topics 12.2.11

Here's the daily rundown, with headlines taken from links you sent in/suggested.

US Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6% - The devil, it obviously in the details here. Fewer people looking + 120k new jobs + revisions of prior months = drop. Still, most people will only see the final number, which is the first time we've been below 9% since I can personally remember. While this obviously bodes well for the White House and the President's re-election bid next year, it's hardly an indication that we're out of the woods. Sidenote: if state and local governments weren't busy laying off so many workers over the past 3 years, the rate would probably be in the low 7's. Is this reason enough for another costly stimulus? Probably not, but you could also argue that without the first one, we might still be in the 10's. Soooooo....

Newt Just Can't Help Himself. - I'm just as puzzled at Gingrich's rise atop the polls as everyone else. Sure, the Cain Train Derailment, and Rick Perry "going Rick Perry" probably contributed to it more than Newt himself, but still. If "douchebag" was in the encyclopedia, a photo of this megalomaniac would surely be somewhere on the page. Yesterday, in explaining his rationale for using child labor to fix urban poverty, he dropped this gem. "Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and nobody around them who works to earn money — unless it's illegal". Seriously, is this the guy we want anywhere near 1600 Penn Ave? And BTW Tea Partiers, are you seriously getting behind a guy who was King Of All Lobbyists and made millions off defending Fannie and Freddie? Really? Because if so, I'm sorry, you officially have no principles. Other than getting Obama out of office, of course.

The Eagles Are Toast- Hey Philly fans, how does it feel? You followed the Dan Snyder Plan For "Winning The Offseason" and now you won't have a postseason, as your playoff hopes officially croaked last night in Seattle. Andy Reid, it's been real, my man.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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