Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharon Bialek Speaks. Seems Credible. "Ruh, Roh" Herman Cain!!!!

At 5pm today, Daddy Green will be holding a press conference, during which he'll undoubtedly slam accuser Sharon Bialek as a vindictive woman out for revenge and financial gain. Anyone who thinks Cain will somehow show humility and atone for past wrongdoings clearly knows nothing about Herman Cain. Watch the man speak for 5 minutes, and count the number of times this guy refers to himself in the 3rd person. That's not the countenance of a man who knows how to admit wrongdoing. Say what you want about Obama's milquetoast temperament, but after 8 years of Bush, I'd like to think "Strong & Wrong" is the absolute last leadership style anyone would prefer.

I told ya'll Cain was getting too high on his own supply, and would eventually crash and burn. Consider Bialek's series of CNN interviews the black box. No puns intended of course.

Here's another appearance this morning with Carol Costello, who should really, really, really lay off the Botox.

Whereas yesterday's Friar's Club press conference was a media zoo, Bialek's subsequent interviews have revealed her to be a much more intelligent, thoughtful, and yes, believable woman. And they've slowly but surely convinced me that maybe she didn't make all this up.

Cain has some explaining to do.

Question: Does this interview change your opinion about Bialek's accusations? What will Cain say to defend himself during his press conference this afternoon?

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