Monday, November 7, 2011

The Day I Officially Turned On Herman Cain.

If you're an regular, I wouldn't blame you for being somewhat (okay, really) confused about my official stance on Herman Cain.

I obviously wouldn't vote for the guy under any circumstance, simply because he doesn't advocate a single issue that I agree with. But I don't dislike him. He's great blog fodder, singlehandedly providing much of the non-policy related material on this increasingly banal roster of GOP Presidential aspirants. I don't respect his "tell the good white folks how much better you are than the rest of dem' shiftless Negroes!" hustle, but I do find it amusing. And of course, the guy looks a lot like my grandfather. I can't hate on him that much.

I've mostly seen Cain as a provocative, yet ultimately harmless sideshow. You know, kinda like watching The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. He's got about as much chance of making it to 1600 Penn Ave as NeNe Leakes, and is about as well informed on foreign policy. I wasn't giving Cain a pass on those sexual harassment charges either, but in the grand scheme of things, his ignorant and shortsighted 999 Tax Plan is probably a bigger threat to the nation than whether or not he sleazily tried to coerce some random chicks from accounting back to his hotel room 15 years ago.

But one thing I can't co-sign under any circumstances is playing the dreaded "race card" where none exists, especially from a Negro who notably played the awesome "racism is no longer a factor!" card just a few weeks ago. Nothing about the way Cain's accusations have played out nationally has been racial in any way. A white Conservative leading the polls would have caught flack for those charges, so would a Democrat. It's called being a non-vetted frontrunner. Happened to Obama, happened to Kerry, happens to every serious contender. That ain't race, my man. It's called Politricks As Usual.

And for throwing this pointless "high tech lynching" meme out there to distract from your own (alleged) ignorant actions, Cain officially lands on's Sh*t List.

And oh, while we're on the topic, this soundbyte's probably gonna come back to haunt Cain.

All together now... Knee-Grow Please!!!

Here's the funny thing about Cain's "race card". His race is actually an asset that appears to be shielding him from legitimate and valid criticism from the GOP establishment. He seems to get the benefit of the doubt just because he's black.

I think GOP and Tea Party voters are so hellbent on proving they aren't racist that they're letting this dude get away with figurative conservative murder. He has bungled positions on abortion, was in favor of TARP, is a Wall Street fat cat, favors affirmative action, has worked for the Fed Reserve, has run for office twice before, and plays the race card at will. If you closed your eyes, you'd swear this guy as a liberal. So why in the hell is this dude even qualified to be the GOP candidate? Would a white dude who committed this many blunders be leading the GOP pack? No, a white dude who committed this many blunders would be called "Gary Johnson".

Again, I'm convinced the GOP is so intent on proving they're not racist, they'll sabotage their chances at winning back the White House by electing a black guy. Any black guy.

And in an odd sorta way, that sh*t is racist.

Question: Does this "high tech lynching" allegation make any sense?

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