Monday, November 7, 2011

Cain's Accuser Speaks. And That Broad Is Lyin'.

[Update: I just saw Bialek's interview with CNN's Piers Morgan. She came across as much more relaxed in this setting, and minus all the circus theatrics of this afternoon's presser, she was much more credible. It was like night and day. Part of me wonders why she didn't initially announce her story in this fashion. I think she undermined her credibility with that press conference, likely to the point that nobody will care that she recovered later. I'm gonna need Cain to explain this one.]

Ya'll know how much it absolutely kills me to co-sign a lazy Conservative talking point. Absolutely kills me. So believe me when I say I watched that Gloria Allred press conference just waiting for something ratchet to occur that would force Daddy Green to finally fess up. And wouldn't you know it, something very ratchet did indeed happen. This accuser, Sharan Bialek is about as shady as a $4 bill.

I mean, seriously, watch this and tell me you don't already hear the feelers going out to Hugh Hefner and whoever books reality shows over at VH1. This ain't nothin' but a damn circus, folks.

Random Thoughts:
She looks and sounds like a washed up pRon star. Not exactly helping in the ole' credibility department.

I knew we were in for some serious f*ckery when Allred introduced her by mentioning Cain's "Stimulus Package".

This isn't harassment. She was no longer employed by the NRA. If this did indeed happen, it's a sexual assault. She should have gone to MPD.

She recalls this story, and the exact timeline with the sort of precision you'd expect from something that happened last week, not 3 decades ago.

The whole "you want the job, right?" line was straight out of a 3am Skinemax flick. It's simply not believeable. At all.

For someone who experienced an alleged felony, she is waaaay too chipper. I'd think seeing Cain last month would have bought back a flood of painful memories. She doesn't seem too traumatized.

This broad is lying. For what reason, I have no idea (she said she didn't want money), but she is most definitely lying.

Cain is gonna sleep much better tonight.

This woman does a disservice to every legitimate victim of sexual assault.

Gloria Allred does a disservice to anyone who calls her/himself an attorney. Seriously, that woman is despicable.
As I predicted this morning, if this woman didn't seem 100% believable, this story was only going to add fuel to Cain's totally misguided "liberal media persecution" narrative. Sadly, it would probably also overshadow the very legitimate allegations of those who worked with Cain at the NRA. It did all those things, and then some. Daddy Green comes outta this one smelling like roses.

No need to lie, the thought that this whole sham of a press conference was manufactured to make Cain look good has crossed my mind, but I don't even think dude's smart enough to pull that off. Besides, does it really matter? Folks who love him are going to believe him anyway. Dude could pull a Jerry Sandusky right about now, and GOP voters are so hypnotized, they'd defend him.

Daddy Green stays #winning.

Question: Does Mrs. Bialek have a legitimate beef, or is she a plant by the Cain campaign?!?

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