Monday, November 21, 2011 Open Mic Monday.

Busy trying to clear the deck for the holidays, so new posts will prolly be light this week. Anyways, here's your open mic. Speak on it.

A few items of note...

Not-So-Super Committee - Obama's hand-picked band of problem solvers hit stalemate in debt reduction exercise, which will trigger billions in cuts across the board. Lovely.

Newt's Master Plan To Solve Negro Poverty - Fire union janitors and hire child labor to clean urban schools. No, seriously, that's the plan. To his credit, however, at least he does have a clearly outlined plan (despite its comical array of flaws) for combatting urban poverty. You can't quite say the same for a certain inhabitant of the White House.

FLOTUS Booed At NASCAR Event - Uh seriously, Real America, is this what its come to? Did Michelle-O do anything to deserve this?

And of course, she was there to support the families of wounded military vets. But that doesn't matter to the wingnuts, who think this sort of treatment is perfectly fine.

Redskins Choke Vs Cowboys - Wowzers, what a dreadful game. Could we have some NBA, please!

Question: What's on your mind today?

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