Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's Reminder Of Why The NBA Lockout Totally Sucks.

The NBA and players union are supposedly meeting in NYC right now to determine which side is greediest, and thus gets the most of some huge pie called Basketball Related Income. By day's end, I'll get a sense of whether or not I'm going to see basketball in November.

In the meantime, the almost inhumane torture of watching your team's best player and arguably your team's best shot at escaping NBA purgatory continued with yet another series of exhibition games this weekend. The long awaited (ok, maybe not so much) Drew League/Gooden League rematch took place last night in LA, and while I'm happy to see John Wall going off like this, it's just a reminder of how much certain teams have to lose of there's no season.

Sure, the dunks are impressive here, but what's more notable is the jumpers. Dude's biggest Achilles heel seems to be becoming an actual asset now. You can't score 55 points (!!!) off mere drives and dunks alone. I've long contended that not only will Wall be one of the league's better point guards very soon, there's an equal chance he'll be much better than fellow sophomore Blake Griffin in a couple of seasons. Plenty of folks laughed at that assertion, but tell me what player can stop this guy in the open court? I don't bet on sports, but if I did, I'd say Wall's going to make the all-star team this year.

Assuming there is one, of course.

Question: Will this lockout ever end? Assuming you've watched Wall's summer exploits, what's this guy's ceiling? Could he be on Derrick Rose's level in a couple of years?

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