Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AB.com Hot Topics - 10.4.11

I'm busy. Here's the daily rundown.

Perry's N*ggerhead Problem - I'm not gonna fall for this one. We'll never know if/when Perry painted over the offensive rock, and quite honestly, what would it prove if he actually hadn't? I'm not concerned with matters of policy, like, say, Perry's recent announcement that he would invade Mexico to help snuff out drug cartels.

Big Chris Isn't Running. Sorry. - Chris Christie seems like an affable guy, so it's no shocker that he's still not committing to run. Once Tea Party voters get wind of his stances on assault weapons and climate control, it'll be curtains. He's also a career public sector employee with no economic development experience, and New Jersey's unemployment rate is worse than the national average. Basically, he's just a Youtube superstar who's name a name of bullying unions. That's all. Christie's smart enough to know this. He isn't running.

Raisin' Cain - Herman Cain's recent straw poll wins have catapulted him to #2 in the GOP polls. He sidestepped what might have been a disaster by quickly backtracking on his criticism of Perry's racist rock. Republicans don't take too kindly to playing the race card, and Cain wisely retracted his weekend statement that Perry's use of that word was "offensive to many blacks". You know what's also "offensive to many blacks", Herman? Claiming that they're "brainwashed". I predict his flavor of the week status will quickly diminish.

iPhone 5 Announcement Today! - I'm more concerned about when iOS5 will be available than any new hardware.

NBA Lockout - MSNBC reported last night that both sides had an agreement in principle, but this now seems premature. Today is supposedly the make or break day, after which real games start getting cancelled. Get it together, folks.

Amanda Knox - I'm happy that justice was presumably served, but I'm still puzzled about why Know felt the need to initially blame her black employer for the crime. She was found guilty of slander, and will have to repay him about $22k euros as a result of his civil suit. So let's not make this chick out to be some victim or hero. Please. Hold the obligatory Lifetime movie.

Hank Williams Jr. Loses MNF Gig - Well, you can't just go around calling the President Hitler and expect to remain gainfully employed. It's time for MNF to get an updated theme song anyway.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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