Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AB.com Hot Topics - 10.25.11

Here's the daily rundown, with headlines taken from links you sent in/suggested.

Cain Holds Slim Lead Over Romney in National Poll [RCP] - Okay, even I'll admit I thought the gig woulda been up by now. I figured once "Real Americans" took a look at Herman Cain's sketchy resume, they'd be jumping on Team Mittens by now, but Cain is the train that keeps on chugging. The "vetting" process for him is just getting underway, but that, and recent slip-ups on abortion and foreign policy don't seem to be sinking his ship. In an odd way, Cain seems somewhat like Sarah Palin: a reasonably smart and moderately accomplished person who has no business running for the Presidency, but becomes a martyr to folks with a disdain for Washington and "elitism". Still, this plane is gonna eventually crash, and for Vain Cain (has any other man every referred to himself so frequently in 3rd person?) that's surely going to be one humbling experience. Awwwwww shucky ducky!!!

Rick Perry's A Birther [WP] - Uhhh, seriously, was this guy asleep at the wheel last Spring? Did he not see Obama's grand announcement? Isn't this last years news? So why's Perry apparently playing the birther card? Well, sagging poll numbers for one (he's in 5th place in many polls). And oh yeah, a Gallup poll in May (the month after Obama showed the damn document!) reported that only 47% of Americans believed Obama was born in the US. That's right. After he showed the requested long form document, more than half of all Americans still don't believe him. So, basically, this is a last ditch effort for Governor GoodHair. Classy.

Fairfax neighbors head to court over unscooped dog poop [WP] - No disrespect intended to my readers of a lighter complexion, but this is the consummate case study in "while people problems". Seriously. When this is the biggest of your concerns in this economic climate, you're probably doing pretty well in life. Why this was a front page story, I have no idea. None.

Netflix stock sinks 36% as subscribers flee [CNN] - There are some companies that really "get" their customers. Yesterday my Southwest Airlines flight was delayed 3 hours for mechanical issues, so I was stranded (I got their alert one minute after I returned my rental car). This has happened a lot lately. So, I tweeted about how p*ssed off I was. 10 mins later, an SWA customer service agent responded, we talked offline, and they're giving me comp tickets. They value their customers and do whatever it takes to retain them. Netflix, doesn't. While I think a measly $5 price hike is hardly reason for a fullblown consumer rebellion, Netflix's embarrassing mishaps are a B-school case study in "not knowing your customer... at all!" and they're paying for it dearly. Of course, if you're a potential shareholder, the stock tumbling from $300 to $75 in a matter of weeks is actually a good thing. So there's that.

Professional Complainers Unite [TheDrum] - Regarding that experience with Southwest yesterday, you might be interested in knowing that more companies are responding to complaints via social media than ever before. I'm not exactly a professional complainer, but I am the sort of guy to write a terse email or call customer service when I'm unhappy with an experience. So being able to blast a corporation via Twitter and get a more direct and immediate response is a revelation of sorts for me. Apparently this is a documented best practice of sorts now, that smart companies are capitalizing on. If this sorta nerdy business/workplace stuff appeals to you, you might wanna read this.

Sporting Headlines - Rangers one win away from first World Series, which would give The Big D two world champs in one calendar year. NBA cancels two more weeks of season. Jags ether B-More. Caps still undefeated. Cam Newton is awesome! Not so sure about Tebow, despite that gutsy win.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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