Friday, September 30, 2011

What's On Your iPod?!?

Tuesday was a great day for hip-hop lovers and the state of NC, as J. Cole, Phonte, and 9th Wonder all dropped commercial releases. I bought all three (yes, with actual money. I went to iTunes, not HulkShare Records!), and can confidently say all three are good music. Cole is predicted to move about 250k units, so I guess all the haters/stans can shut up now. I've also been on a throwback funk/70's tip lately. TS Monk, Roy Ayers, and Con Funk Shun have been in heavy rotation. And yeah, since I gotta listen to some ignant sh*t while I run/ do yardwork/write code, I've been listening to a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Juicy J[1], Lil' Boosie[2], and 2 Chainz[3] lately. I'm just sayin', it's all about balance.

I could always use some new music/podcasts, especially if they're free. So in the interest of lightening the mood around here,, I'd like to and ask you folks exactly what you're listening to. And while you're at it, tell me what you listen on, be it an iPod, iPhone, Zune, bootleg Radio Shack MP3 player, or for my old-school heads, a Sony Walkman. I'm just curious/nosey.

Whatever you do, please do not use this as a forum to b*tch and moan about how bad today's music is vs the old days!!! This isn't the place or time.

Have you listened to anything new that actually excited you lately? I can't say I have. Enlighten me. Share the love, and tell the rest of AverageNation™ what's in constant rotation on your iPod you-know-where. Drop links.

Question: What are you listening to? Anything new and exciting? Put me on. You cop that J. Cole?

[1] We trippy, mane.

[2] Free Lil' Boosie!!!

[3] Is it 2 Chainz or Titty Boi? This dude should make up his mind.

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