Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UC Berkley's Sorta Racist Republican Bake Sale.

Ok, I could add a lot of commentary on this story, but I'd rather just roll the ball out there and have you guys comment without my opinion muddying the waters.
An "Increase Diversity" bake sale planned by a group of students in Berkley, Calif., in which the price of baked goods will depend on the buyer's gender and race is drawing cries of racism, which is just what the organizers say they wanted.

The bake sale, run by the Berkeley College Republicans, was created in reaction to SB 185, a bill currently being considered by Gov. Jerry Brown, which would authorize California public universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin in the admissions process.

The Berkeley College Republicans firmly believe measuring any admit's merit based on race is intrinsically racist," reads the description of the event on its Facebook page. "Our bake sale will be at the same time and location of a phone bank which will be making calls to urge Gov. Brown to sign the bill…The pricing structure of the baked goods is meant to be satirical, while urging students to think more critically about the implications of this policy."

The price of a baked good is $2 for white people, $1.50 if you're Asian, $1 for Latinos, 75 cents for African-Americans and 25 cents for Native Americans, the original Facebook event read. Women of all races get a discount of 25 cents.

According to the original event page, the pricing structure was put in place "to ensure the fairest distribution, and make sure that there are a DIVERSE population of races of students getting BCR's delicious baked goods."

"Hope to see you all there! If you don't come, you're a racist!" the original event page read.
Ok, I gotta get one thing off my chest. If nothing else, this incident shows just how brazenly clueless many (not all, but many) Republicans (yes, even young ones) are about the subject of race, and why the GOP as a whole has serious, deeply ingrained issues that prevent them from attracting minorities not named Cinderfella Daeda Daedalus.

Seriously, if you want to make a point about the unfairness of affirmative action, trivializing the struggles of minority groups is probably not the best method. Any valid argument is lost in the shuffle of this juvenile publicity stunt.

What say ye'?!?

Question: What are your thoughts about the College Republicans' bake sale?!?

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