Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sign Up For AverageBro Fantasy Football Pick em' 2011 & Win Cool Free Stuff!!!

If there's one thing I know about my readers, it's that ya'll love free stuff. Some of ya'll also love NFL football. So, in the spirit of giving back to this online community, I present AverageBro Fantasy Football Pick em' 2011!

Pick em' leagues are simple: Log in each week and choose the winner of each game during the NFL season. That's all! No need to buy NFL tickets to play.

Even better, the winner of this year's league gets a cool free AB.com Prize Pack, with an amount-to-be-determined cash prize and a bag full of random sh*t that's been sent to me for review. Yes, this can all be yours!

Registration is quick and easy, via Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. Just click here, set up your account. Use the following info to find our group...

Group ID#: 5688
Password: averagebro

May the best picker win!

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