Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ArmChair Reagan™ - How Would You Create More Jobs?!?

One of my favorite regular features here is ArmChair Obama™ where I essentially roll out an issue and ask you guys how you'd solve it if you were President. With the POTUS readying a huge primetime address (opposite the NFL. What a cluster!) Thursday to deliver his silver bullet for 9.1% unemployment, what better occasion to flip the script and pose a slightly different question.

We all know Obama will propose another round of stimulus spending. This makes perfect logical sense, given the fact that it did indeed work quite well the first time around. Just ask all the GOP governors who used it to plug their own budget shortfalls. It also makes zero political sense, given the fact that the GOP isn't exactly in a spending mood right now. If these dimwits are willing to withhold FEMA funding for hurricane victims until offsetting spending cuts can be identified, then please believe they aren't gonna co-sign on another $500B or so in Stimulus spending. So basically, we (and Obama) are all screwed.

That said, since Obama prolly only has a few more months in office unless things dramatically change around, I wonder what you guys think he should (not can, should) do about the dismal job's situation. How do you bring back manufacturing jobs that aren't even coming back? How do you hire more teachers and cops when everyone's anti-big government? Other than healthcare, exactly where is the private sector job growth going to realistically come from? Does America simply need to accept its new, long overdue economic reality, or is there something that can be done, and now, to fix all this?

Play ArmChair Reagan™[1] and give your solution below?

Question: How would you fix this?

[1] No need to lie. There's no point whatsoever in this ArmChair Ronnie thing, I just found that photo and it needed to be used pronto.

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