Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AB's Random, Not-So Deep, Post-Vacation Thoughts.

I'm back. And I got a few things on my mind.

The Trip - We had a great time celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary sans kids. And I got a Yaphet Kotto Tan right about now. You should see it.

Airline Baggage Fees - What's up with this? Airlines claim they don't want you to carry heavy bags because of the safety risk they might pose to the plane itself. But if you're willing to pony up $49 per bag, f*ck safety, load em' up. Yep, makes plenty sense to me.

Obama's Toast - I was on a total and complete media (and technology) fast while out of the country, so I didn't see August's dismal jobs numbers until today. I think we all need to agree on a couple of things. 1) The non-tax money in Obama's first Stimulus Package helped prop up the economy by helping state governments tide over their payrolls and providing contractor jobs for infrastructure spending. 2) There will be no second Stimulus Package, which essentially means Obama is fresh outta ideas. I can't see any logical reason why unemployment will be below 9% at this time next year, and thus, while the thought of a GOP controlled White House, Senate, and Congress makes me break out in hives, it's practically inevitable at this point. So basically, we're all screwed. Accept this as fact.

NFL Kickoff - Who ya'll got winning it all? I say Pittsburgh vs Green Bay in an epic Super Bowl rematch. BTW, I also got a Pick Em' League coming again this year. Just gimme a minute, it'll be set up and ready for registration sometime today.

The Blog - Don't expect anything new or notable this week. I basically have 2 weeks of work to dig myself from under. We'll be Open Mic-in' it for a minute.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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