Thursday, September 8, 2011's MSNBC GOP Debate Recap.

Sorry for the intentionally misleading post title. This isn't a recap by any means. If you follow me on Twitter (and damnit, why aren't you yet?) then you heard me go in repeatedly on this "debate last night" along with some of my favorite Tweeps @BlackSnob @RiPPDemUp @wu_youngAOM and @TheUppityNegro. The absurdity of some (ok, MOST) of the statements was beyond comprehension. You can go read my entire timeline to catch up...

In short, I thought Romney "won" mostly by default because he (and Huntsman, who is toast) sounded like the only rational, semi-literate adult onstage. The others, especially Ron Paul and Rick Perry seemed to be hellbent on out-batshitcrazystatementing each other. I don't even know if that's an actual word, but it's quite apropos. Basically, unless the GOP nominates ole' Mittens, they're essentially handing Obama 4 more years, economy be damned.

Question: Did you watch the GOP "debate"? What were your general observations? Who "won"?!?

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