Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rick Perry (And Some Other Guy) For Prez.

In news that's certain to satisfy at least two Lone Star State residents of AverageNation™ it looks like Texas Governor/George W. Bush On Steroids Rick Perry is gonna throw his hat in the ring for 2012.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by his family in South Carolina this weekend for a major speech in which he will strongly signal his intention to run for president, two GOP sources told CNN.

Perry is not expected to make a formal campaign announcement on Saturday in Charleston, but people familiar with the planning say that Perry's speech to the RedState Gathering, a convention of conservative activists, will erase any doubt about his presidential ambitions.
No need to lie, I don't know much about Perry other than what my Mom (who lives in Houston, and doesn't hold him in very high regard) tells me, and of course, those ignoramus statements (which he later retracted) about wanting Texas to secede from the Union.

All things considered, even with that flub and the specter of last weekend's eerie Praise-A-Thon to his discredit[1], Perry can run on the premise that Texas' economy (for many reasons, most beyond his control) has weathered the economic storm of the recession. Given how prevalent the economy is right now, that could very well be a good enough formula to escape with the GOP nomination. I suppose we'll see what happens. Or Spool will probably just weigh in first.

And oh yeah, looks like Donald Trump is prolly running too. Not that you, or the American People, actually care. Since she know shall remain unnamed (too busy gettin' paid), Fat Chris (too busy worrying about Corey Booker) and that other Bush kid will probably not run, it's fair to say Perry (who will immediately siphon away much of the evangelical and Tea Party support from Michelle Bachmann) and Mitt Romney present the biggest obstacle to another 4 years of Obama.

We'll see how that turns out.

Question: Does Rick Perry present a serious challenge for Romney? How about Obama? What's Donald Trump trying to sell this time?

[1] Considering all the guilt-by-association many on the right still levy at Obama because of Rebb'n Wright, will a candidate like Perry who is essentially running a religious campaign be forced to justify the past statements of those who shared the stage with him last weekend? Or course not. That's a rhetorical question.

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