Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Post-Armageddon Open Thread.

I'm back. And oh yeah, I got a few things to say about this "deal".

Obama - If you supported this guy back in 08', what reason do you really have left to support him in 2012, other than the obvious?[1] The economy hasn't improved as much as it needed to. His "bipartisan style of compromise" hasn't helped improve the piss poor state of relations here in DC. He couldn't come out on top of a negotiation if we was bargaining with a 4 year old about sleep times.[2] His "lead from behind" style of "leadership" is both infuriating and tiring. He hasn't delivered on many campaign promises. Again, what's left to like here? Other than, the obvious of course.

Democrats - It shoulda never gotten to this point. The Bush tax cuts, the budget, and this debt ceiling BS should have been handled last year when you were still in power. Blame yourselves, Dems.

Boehner - Forget the final outcome. This was still a loss for Speaker TanMan, either way you spin it. Despite being a reasonable moderate, he too was taken hostage by the TeaBaggers and ended up having his own leadership undermined. Loss.

"The American People" - Congrats! Student loans are more expensive. Medicare will be cut. Entire government agencies will be slashed. Government contractors will take a huge hit. Millions will probably lose their jobs. But hey, some billionaire in The Hamptons gets to keep all three of his yachts! Do you feel patiotic? I do!
Winners (By Default)
Tea Party - Honestly, if you look at the sheer amount of cuts (just around $3T over an entire decade) it's hard to say these guys really won either. If they'd been willing to throw in some revenues, this number could have been much bigger. And wait till constituents get a clue about all the cuts coming their way. You can't blame all this on Obama, because he probably wouldn't have cut anything without the Tea Party pressure and overinflated emphasis on the debt/deficit. It's easy to say they won on the surface, but the true cost of passing actual legislation is gonna bite these folks in the a$$es when all's said and done.

Congressman Doug Lamborn - Refers to the President as a "Tar Baby", apologizes to anyone who "was offended" and claims he didn't even know the term "Tar Baby" had racist connotations. In true Tea Party form, I expect him to paint himself as a misunderstood victim of the liberal lamestream media and use this for fundraising purposes very soon. So, it's a net-win, basically.

Congress - Congrats! You basically did nothing for 7 months, and now you get a cool 30 day vacation at the expense of Real American taxpayers. Enjoy Aruba, I hear it's lovely this time of year.
To Be Determined
Super Committee - Sorry, I don't buy the spin that the forthcoming Super Committee will be Obama's backdoor method for increased revenues and repealing Bush tax cuts for the rich. I'd love to be proven wrong. I doubt I will.
Question: Now that all of this is (presumably) behind us, what's your read?

[1] "The obvious" is so obvious I'm not even going to type it here. Please state "the obvious" in the comments section.

[2] In all fairness, me neither.

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