Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Another Black Man With Bad Credit.

Sure, this post is about 3 days late, but hey, I've been scrambling to protect my assets from the onslaught the market is surely about to witness. The Dow's down another 200 points as I write this. Clearly, The Tea Party wanted us to either default or be downgraded. Congrats, Baggers, you won. Now pop some bubbly. It's a celebration!

Yes, your eyes saw what your brain thinks they saw. These fools are literally celebrating the fact that their own 401k's are tanking and their credit card interest rates are spiking. This really happened.

Face it. These people won. And we're f*cked. Royally.

Question: Who is (most) to blame for the credit downgrade? Which party will this hurt most come 2012?

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