Friday, August 19, 2011

Do You Care How Many Other People Your Mate Has "Been With"?!?

[Editor's Note: Be forewarned. This is a sensitive, and possibly even sexist topic. You might wanna step back if you're not up for it.]

I don't watch Kim Kardashian's reality show, and even though I'm a hardcore NBA fan, I can't say I've ever watched her husband to be play ball. Still, they are getting married this weekend, which is apparently big news to some people.

Anyways, I'm listening to the radio this morning, and one of the DJ's is going on and on about how many dudes Kim K was with prior to this guy she's about the marry. The list was admittedly pretty long.

Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush, Ray J, Miles Austin, Nick Lachey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gabriel Aubry, Michael Copon. And those are just the guys with "names". I'm sure there are a couple of Sizzler dishwashers and dudes who work at Kenney Shoes mixed in there for good measure. Throw in the list of people she is alleged to have also dated (ie: Kanye West) and it's a pretty daunting collection of past paramours.

But if you're her soon-to-be husband, do you really care? Dude is a lightskinnded NBA player. He's not a star, but he is tall. I'm pretty sure he's had his fair share of groupies too. Should she care? Should anyone?

I obviously have my thoughts on this subject, but I'd rather her yours. Speak on it.

Question: Fellas, would you be slightly less interested in a woman if you found out she's held more n*ts than a Snickers bar? Ladies, do you care if your man was a SuperHoe™ before he met you? What does the (expected) disparity in how men and women will these questions say about the double standards of dating?

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