Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Could The Redskins Actually Go 0-16?!?

After months of waiting in limbo, we've finally got some real sports to watch. The 2011 NFL preseason officially kicks off this Thursday when the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots face off in Foxboro. If I were a betting man, I'd probably go with 888 bingo instead of placing a wager on this one, but since I've gotta choose, let's say New England in an early blowout.

Speaking of bingo games, I'd probably rather watch a bunch of seniors in a VFW than the Redskins. Has there ever been a team that looked more likely to go winless on paper? One inexperienced QB with a mullet (Beck) and another (Sexy Rexy) who looks like he spent the entire lockout at Fuddruckers. Combine that with a corps of untested running backs, a collection of washed up/never been receivers, and a defense that was ranked near the bottom of the league in every category last season. Yep, 0-16 looks very doable here in DC.

No need to lie, I'm not the biggest of football fans, but with the NBA lockout showing no signs (not even remote signs) of being resolved and half the players already making plans to go overseas, I guess I have to do something to satisfy my sports bug. This includes the annual practice of playing fantasy football with a bunch of work buddies. Why I still do this, I have no idea. But I shall.

If you forced me to make Super Bowl predictions, I'd go with an all-green everything match up of the Eagles vs the Jets. Both teams came thisclose last season, and both teams made the necessary free agent upgrades to keep themselves in contention this year. I'm sure the brains of many an animal lover would explode at the thought of Michael Vick winning a ring, but given all the man's gone through, it would just seem somewhat poetic.

Question: Who will win it all this year? Do the Skins have a legitimate shot at going 0-fer?!?

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