Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perhaps The Weirdest Congressional Sex Scandal Evar. Thanks, Congressman Wu.

While all the buzz here in DC is obviously focused on last night's lame dueling speeches[1] and the pending Armageddon, an ongoing sex scandal has quietly come to an end. And thank goodness, cause something tells me the longer this one went on, the weirder it mighta gotten.
Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., announced his resignation today following allegations he engaged in "aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior" with a young woman. Wu said that his resignation would be effective upon the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis.

National Democratic leaders had stopped short of calling for Wu's resignation, but House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi yesterday asked the House Ethics committee to investigate the allegations against the seven-term congressman.

Last week's allegation against Wu is the latest in a series of charges that the congressman has engaged in questionable behavior. Earlier this year, Wu acknowledged that he sent erratic emails to his staffers, including a picture of himself around Halloween in a tiger costume. Several of his staff members resigned following his re-election in November, and Oregon newspapers reported that his campaign staffers had pleaded with Wu to seek psychiatric help the week before the 2010 election. Wu said in February he has sought mental health treatment, including counseling and medication.
While I'm sure those on the right are gonna point to this as yet another example of a liberal who can keep his thing in his pants, I think we should all show a bit of compassion for Mr. Wu. The man clearly has some mental issues at play. Any grown man who dresses up as Tigger (or calls himself Tigger), obviously is a few sandwiches shy of a Quiznos.[2] This coming from a guy who once dressed up as Hip Hop Harry. At least I had an excuse (my kid's birthday). I don't think Rep. Wu had one.

Question: Is this yet another example of unethical liberals ruining the moral fabric of Congress, or does Rep. Wu clearly have some mental health issues that need to be addressed?

[1] Dueling pianos >>> dueling speeches. And dueling pianos is jive lame in and of itself.

[2] BTW, rest in peace Quiznos. I always liked Subway more, but at least you were a toasty alternative.

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