Friday, July 22, 2011

Either/Or - Baking Summers Or Freezing Winters?!?

[Editor's Note: Social Experiment time, yet again. The rules are simple. Answer the question as stated below. There are two possible answers, choose one and go with it. Despite what Cosmo says, you can't have it all in life. Nobody can get everything they want. Sometimes life is an either/or proposition where you have to choose the lesser of two evils and keep it movin'. The rules are simple: pick a choice and explain why you picked it. And to that effect, I present today's edition of Either/Or.]

After a mild start to the summer, the usual East Coast heat wave is now in full effect. Here in DC, we've had a string of your typical humid days, but this weekend might mark a new record of sorts, as The Urreah[1] is facing the prospect of three straight days over 100 degrees.

I hate extreme hot temperatures for lots of reasons. I can't do my daily runs. You can't really take the kids out to the park. The lawn's always a mess. The pool's overcrowded. The beach is suddenly so far away. And invariably, our HVAC unit chooses this convenient time of year to conk out. Yeah, that really just happened. It's miserable.

Given the choice, the other extreme, a blizzard, isn't nearly as bad (to me). You can usually take the day off, the kids (and wife) are home. You can sled. You can make snowmen. You can have a Winter BBQ. Except for the obvious (shovelling), it's all gravy.

Of course, this is just my preference. Given the two very extreme opposite options, which would you choose?

Question: Would you rather deal with miserably hot and humid temps, or a one foot blizzard? Why? Please don't mention how you prefer the Fall/Spring. Those are not options. Stick to the basic question, please.

[1] Eff' a "DMV". Sorry, that's just corny and will never catch on. "The Urreah" Fo' Life!!!

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