Tuesday, June 7, 2011

With IOS 5, Apple Officially Out-Does Itself. Again.

[Editor's Note: WeinerFest got old quick. Lets end that thread. Now. Please.]

Feast your eyes and fantasize, nerds. IOS 5 is on the way.

This update shows everything that's great, and awful, about Apple.

The Good: Sheeeeeiiiit, all of it's good! Who are we kidding? This is freakin' amazing and I can't wait to do my wireless upgrade when this is released in the fall. These upgrades are waaay past due, but they're strangely right on time. This should definitively widen the gap between Apple and that other operating system that shall not be named here.

The Bad: Why does it seem like it takes Apple sooooo long to finally bake in such features as lock screen notifications, concurrency, tabbed browsing, and photo correction? Other mobile O/S have had these features for years now. And anyone who knows how to spell "Jailbreak" knows that Apple just bites half of these concepts from the underground developers and fully bakes them into the O/S. Is that really innovation? How much of these features does Apple actually invent on its own? To me, it looks like they just take other people's ideas and make them better.

Question: If you're a hardcore Apple user, does this excite you or are you merely like "it's about freakin' time"? If you own another smartphone/tablet, does this make you suddenly question your decision? Does Apple officially have the game on lock now? Is Apple really an innovator or merely a perfecter of others' ideas?

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