Friday, June 10, 2011

Where. Is. Lebron. James?!?

For reasons too numerous to list here, I'm no huge fan of one Lebron James. Still, I'm a fan of good basketball, and the man knows good basketball. That's why his massive choke-job in this year's NBA Finals has been so difficult to watch, even though I obviously am rooting for the Mavs.

As an NBA fan, it's best for the league when it's premier players show off on the sport's biggest stage. Dirk is showing up. D-Wade is showing up. Jason Terry is showing up. Even Chris Bosh has had more impact on the end result (he did hit the game winner in Game #3) than Bron. This obviously makes no sense.

Well, actually it does.

With the exception of that Game 7 against Detroit a few years back, James hasn't exactly established himself as a Legend Of Crunch Time. Sure, he dunks a lot, and puts up some amazing numbers, but it's becoming clearer by the day that the man is not the lead dog. Hell, he can't even do a postgame press conference by himself, so in retrospect, it's no real shock that he went to Miami to ride D-Wade's coat tails. Being the 2nd best player on the team takes a lot of pressure off you.

I'm sure MJ woulda done the exact same thing.

Scottie Pippen, perhaps in the midst of finishing off a doobie, recently suggested that Lebron James might be the best player of all time. Of all time. That comment was delusional then. It seems almost sacrilegious now, given James' perpetual crunch time disappearing act. Through 5 Finals games, King James now has a grand total of 11 total 4th quarter points. I might be wrong, but I think even Joel Anthony has as many points. That's not clutch.

For the love of the game, if nothing else, here's to hoping Lebron shows up Sunday night, as the Heat face elimination.

Bring your talents to South Beach, Bron Bron.

Question: What's up with Lebron?!?

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