Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Racks On Racks On Racks For Bishop Eddie Long.

I can't understand a single word in this entire song, but I like it. And I have a sudden urge to make it my ringtone. And to go get some "racks" of my own, as soon as I figure out what "racks" are.[1]

Of course, I'm kidding. I already know what "racks" are. And so does Bishop Eddie LongStroke.[2] Witness this Negro Nonsense Instant Classic™ from last Sunday.

Personally, I'm more embarassed by the second video. But you already knew that.

Question: What The Hell Are These Negroes Talkin' About?!? Best translation wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns™ and "Racks". How fake was that Eddie Long donation?

[1] I do, however, know what a "painted on beard" is. Come on', Shawty Lo, kill that bama sh*t already.

[2] Looks like Eddie Long's lacefront allowance got docked as part of that settlement. Jesus, bruh, what is that, velvet?!?

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