Monday, June 6, 2011

Uhhh, Yeah, Weiner Prolly Did It.

[Update: He admits he did it and says he ain't quittin'.]

Man, is Anthony Weiner having the Worst June Evar, or what?!?
Internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart has just published what can best be described as an iconic image of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). The image depicts a shirtless, hairless and notably toned individual that bears a striking resemblance to the individual that has been at the center of the Weinergate controversy for the past 10 days or so.

Breitbart has alleged that these images undermine the notion that Weiner was hacked or a victim of a prank last Friday when a image of what appears to be an excited member of congress in his underwear emerged from his Twitter account. It is still not clear that these images reveal anything substantial about that particular incident, nor do they necessarily implicate Weiner in anything worse than poor judgment in online behavior. The question that remains to be answered is how the recipient of these images feels about them, and if they were sent under something other than a broadly and mutually accepted understanding of their relationship.

What these images do reveal is that Weiner takes particularly good care of himself, appears to be an avid manscaper, and appears to be unafraid to share suggestive pictures of himself to individual (or individuals?) that he most likely has come to regret ever having trusted.
I'd be the last person to defend Weiner if this story proves to be true. Sexting While Married (unless, of course, you're sexting your spouse) is tacky, lazy, and all kinds of ratchet. There's no reason to defend this schmendrick if this is true.

That said, come on, it's Andrew Freakin' Breitbart!!! The same guy who doctored the Shirley Sherrod tapes, and sponsored misguiding hit jobs on NPR and ACORN. The guy clearly has very little credibility, and you certainly can't put it past him to present these photos without proper context. He's made a career out of the Grand Hu$tle, so I don't believe him at all.

It's entirely possible that Weiner took these photos and sent him to a paramour[1] waaay before he even met his wife. Until Breitbart and Co. provide some definitive proof of when they were taken and to whom they were sent, I'm gonna reserve judgement. As is, Weiner just looks really sleazy (and gameless), but that doesn't make him an adulterer. Just a herb.

Stay tuned.

Question: Should Weiner be forced to abandon his Congressional seat like fellow NY Rep Chris Lee did earlier this year?!? If you were a constituent, would you vote for him again?

[1] $10 word!

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