Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today In Conservative Hypocrisy...

I can't wait to hear the Fox News spin on this one.
Gov. Chris Christie touched down in Montvale Tuesday afternoon in a State Police helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game.

Christie had no public schedule or events on Tuesday, though he was privately scheduled to meet at the governor’s mansion in Princeton with a group of Iowa donors who had flown in to urge him to run for president. Christie has become a hero in the eyes of Republicans across the country for cutting spending and vetoing a tax increase on the rich. Christie has used his veto pen more than 20 times to target wasteful spending at New Jersey government agencies.

Photos on a local affiliate of, a local neighborhood news blog, showed Christie arriving in a blue, white and yellow State Police helicopter for his son’s high-school baseball game.

The governor’s spokesman, Michael Drewniak, would not answer questions Tuesday night about where Christie was coming from or headed to, or whether the governor had previously used the state helicopter for family events. Drewniak said the helicopter is used “occasionally” and “as the schedule demands.”
I'm sure someone's gonna talk about how the chopper is used everyday anyhow, and Big Chris' flight doesn't cost the taxpayers any additional money. Or that politicians are people too, and the guy was just trying to make his kid's game. Or that "Obama does this all the time". All of those things are correct.

But seriously, shouldn't "selective outrage" be a two-way street? The Obamas go two blocks from the White House to have a burger and all hell breaks loose. The optics of Christie choppering into a little league game, then riding a state owned limo 100 yards (yes, really) to get to his seat just seem a bit out of touch with "Real Americans" in these times of economic hardship. Would it have really killed the guy to end his prior appointment a bit early and fight through traffic like the rest of us? Really?

Too bad all those teachers he's fired don't have a helicopter. Or a limo. Or money to register their kids for little league.

Why don't we just all agree that every politician has access to stuff and places that the rest of us don't. Planes, choppers, security, free food, and police escorts are all part of the gig. I wouldn't wanna see Big Chris taking the bus to his kid's game and neither should you.

Question: Is this a bad look for Big Chris, or are liberals just being petty as usual?

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